Welcome to the new Distressed American Hate Mail page.  I do not get much in the way of hate mail.  But, here's a doozy and it leaves the page open for future Bushie Barrages!


This fine critique came in by way of a post on www.democraticunderground.com

It really summed up much of the sentiment I have encountered from Bush supporters/drones since starting the site and hitting the streets.

It came in in response to the posting of this graphic:


Get used to....


.....that face with the others on Mt. Rushmore. That's where Bush's face will be one day, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Your lame ass web site is full of propaganda and BS. You people are sick. You think Iraqi women were better off under Saddam? Sure. As long as they were Sunnis. Unfortunately, as you likely know, they account for a small percentage of the population.

You people think freedom is good enough for you, but not good enough for others. Do you have any idea what would have happened to you morons had you spoken about Hussein the way you speak about our President while residing in Iraq. DEAD. That is what you would be. Your own stupidity prevents you from seeing the great vision this President has and the accomplishments he has managed despite your arrogant ignorance.

50 million people are freer today because of his decisions. (Most Afghans and Iraqis think you're a bunch of shmucks and proved it by voting which half you dope-smoking, tree huggers probably forgot to do.)

All Americans pay less taxes today because of him, and the income tax has become more progressive. (FACT, morons. Look it up.)

There will be a prescription drug benefit as part of Medicare because of him. (Sorry you don't have that issue to scare old people with anymore.)

Social Security will be fixed because of him.

Libya no longer has WMD because of him. (A fact you conveniently overlook all the time.)

That's four-years work kids. More in four years than Clinton and Carter accomplished in 12. How bout that?

If you really want to know why your party is on the verge of collapsing, it's because real people think you are complete morons. You think you're smart, but you're so damn stupid sometimes, it's amazing. There are good Democrats. Joe Lieberman is one of them. But he was to toward the middle for you dopes. He was the only one of the loons you had running for the nomination that stood a chance against Bush and you picked one of the worst. Did you people do any opposition research on Kerry? He was a disaster waiting to happen. Sure enough it happened.

Anyway-you probably quit reading a long time ago, but should you still be reading, here's a question. If y'all are so smart, how come you can't figure out how to win a national election? Why can't you regain control of the House? Senate? Don't give me any Keith Olbermann OHIO BS either. Y'all slashed tires in Wisconsin and perpetrated several frauds on election day and prior to. But you won't think about a real solution to the Democrats problem. It's not in your nature. You'll just bitch and complain how unfair things are. Sniff. Sniff.

I won't look for an answer. I'm going back to the Free Republic....after I take a shower. You people make me feel dirty.


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