People Are Dying By the Hundreds And He Eats Cake And Plays Guitar!

This Is Not Leadership.


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Just Back From Crawford!



Our trip was excellent.  We were thrilled to be part of such a historic event in the course of this battle to end the war in Iraq and head off the hinted at attack on Iran.  Only through collectively taking to the streets and demanding that the war end will the politicians that got us here understand that we will simply not tolerate its continuation.  Jefferson understood something when he uttered these words:

He made the comments in reference to a little tax rebellion here on early American soil, knowing full well that from time to time the elite and the power holders will abuse their power if we the individual citizens of this country did not stand up and resist such abuses. 

Many are filled with hopelessness in the face of the scale of the abuses committed by the Bush administration.  There is no need to lose hope or surrender to fear and intimidation.  American history is a long chronicle of such "rebellions".  

In each instance from the whiskey rebellion in PA to the action we see in Crawford, the has been on the wall for those in power from the earliest days.  They have always been forced kicking and screaming to listen to the will of the people.  Each and every time.

My thanks to the great folks at Camp Casey for their hospitality and drive!

I will be adding video I shot over the next couple of days, as I catch up on what came my way while we were down meeting with the President. 

Click here for lots more shots I took while I was hitting the road for freedom!

DAY 1 - Aug 20, 2005

DAY 2 - Aug 21, 2005




"No More Excuses! End The Abuses!"

Join The Campaign To Stop Abuse in America's Detention Facilities!

Another leader whose ego and hubris led his troops into a nightmare. 

Do You Remember This Famous Soldier? We Need Him NOW!

Well, he's back and he's getting ready to liberate his homeland from the tyrant that has seized control!

This tyrant now operates rape rooms and torture cells around the world. He starves his own people. He has stripped them of their basic freedoms. He is an enemy of freedom around the world!

He is is possession of an enormous stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction. His country is the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons. He can not be trusted. His government is unmatched in weapons proliferation.

Should we really sit idly by in this post 9/11 world and allow this brutal oppressor continue to grow his weapons programs and threaten the world community?

Some say we should be patient and contain this international outlaw. I say there is not time to wait. He grows more dangerous by the day. He is am imminent threat. He must be removed.

Ladies and gentlemen, should we willing to wait for a smoking gun it may come in the form of a mushroom cloud?

I say NO!

Therefore I have given my generals orders to begin OPERATION AMERICAN FREEDOM!


3 Little Pigs In Washington DC - A Plamegate Indictment Tale For The Kids!

Once upon a time there were three bad little piggies. They all lived together in a big White House in Washington DC. The house they had was large and grand. It was well made and respected. But, it was not big enough for the three greedy pigs.

So, they constructed even bigger houses. The first pig made a huge house out of lies. The second pig made himself an enormous house built of deception. The third pig made himself a gigantic strong house built entirely out of conspiracy. Conspiracy was a good strong material because on order to knock a conspiracy house down, you first had to knock down the houses built of lies and deception. Surely that would protect the third piggy.

Since most people do not like lies, deception and conspiracy, they worked hard to disguise the materials that their houses were made of. They painted them bright pretty colors. The first pig painted his house red. The second painted his white. The last pig painted his conspiracy house bright blue. Everyone looked at the brightly colored houses and they were all very impressed.

Then one day Joe was walking home from work and he passed the three impressive houses. But, Joe noticed something wrong. The weather had caused some of the paint to peel off of the first house. He looked close and used his fingernail to pick at the paint. When he did he was shocked to find that the house was made of lies. Well, that just wasn't right. "No one in Washington should live in a house made of lies!", thought Joe. Even though he knew the three pigs would not like him telling people what he had discovered, Joe bravely made sure that everyone heard that the first pigs house was made of lies.

When they heard what Joe had been telling the town, the pigs were very angry! What no one in town knew was that Joe too had a secret. No one that is, except the three pigs. By now their big impressive houses had made them even more powerful than when they arrived. It was easy for them to find out that Joe had a secret. Joe's wife was a Secret Agent! She worked to keep the country safe from bad men that want to hurt us. She was a hero. She had to pretend that she did not work as an agent all of the time. Because, the great work she was doing was also very dangerous. This was the kind of secret all of us should be happy to keep since she works to keep us safe. It was a very important secret. So important that telling any one was against the law. Telling anyone would make us all less safe.

But, the pigs were not afraid of breaking the law or making us less safe for that matter. They had broken the law before and no one had noticed because they did it inside of their big red, white and blue houses. The pigs knew just what they would do to get even with that meddling Joe. They called three friends, all rats, to help them. They told the rats Joe's big secret. And you know what; those rats ran all over town telling everyone that would listen that Joe's wife was a secret agent. That was very bad and like I said before, it made us all less safe from the bad men.

Far away, there lived a wolf. That wolf was not big and mean like some are. He was a nice wolf. But, just like Joe and his wife, he wanted to be sure that we were all safe. As soon as he heard what the rats were saying about Joe, he decided that he should find out who had told the rats Joe's big secret. So he went to Washington to ask them himself.

The first rat, Robert was very scared of the wolf. He had very sharp teeth and claws. So he told the wolf everything he knew. He said that he heard Joeís secret from the first pig, Karl. Karl was the pig that lived in the red house made of lies. Robert the rat also told him that one of the other pigs had told him too.

The wolf wanted to be sure that that first rat was not lying to him. So, he went to where the second rat worked to find out what he knew. Matt, the second rat, saw the wolf coming. When the wolf got to Matt's office to ask who had told him the secret, Matt slammed the door in the wolf's face. He refused to talk to the wolf. So, the wolf just sat patiently outside the office. After a while Matt's boss said it would be better to just tell the wolf what he wanted to know then he would go away and stop hurting business by sitting outside. So, ashamed that he had been used by the pigs, Matt told the wolf that He too had heard from the first pig, Karl.

Needing to find out who was helping Karl the pig, the wolf walked over to where the third rat worked. He name was Judy. A lot of what Judy did at work involved doing dirty work that the prestigious and powerful pigs could not do on their own. Mainly she told people what the pigs wanted them to hear. She told them that indeed the big colorful red, white and blue houses were made of good materials, not lies and deception as Joe had said.

Judy was the most stubborn rat of them all. She refused and refused to tell the wolf what he wanted to know. She refused even after he showed her his big sharp teeth and claws. She was more scared of what the pigs would do to her if they found out that she had talked to the wolf. Unlike Matt's boss, Judy's boss believed her when she said that she "simply could not tell the wolf" what she knew. He was a kind hearted but, sadly gullible man. So, the wolf picked Judy the rat up and threw her into an old shoe box. He left he in the shoebox for three months, from summer to fall. She ate nothing but bread and she drank nothing but water. Finally a note arrived from a fourth pig. His name was "Scooter". Scooter told her that is was OK for her to talk to the wolf. But, it also reminded her that there were all deeply connected "at the roots". The wolf found that very suspicious.

When she was finally let out of the box and squinted up at the bright sun, it blinded her a bit. But, she soon saw the wolf standing over her and told him that she had heard Joe's big secret from Scooter and a second pig who she could not recall.

When the wolf found Scooter the pig and asked him what he had told the rats, he smiled and then he lied. He lied right to that big ol' wolf, fangs, claws and all. He said that the rats had told him. Not the other way around. He blamed it all on a big jolly rat named Tim. The wolf was pretty sure that Tim would not do such a thing. So he asked Tim if he knew about Joe's big secret. Tim was shocked that the pig would say something like that about him. Although Tim had spoken to Scooter the pig, he certainly never told that lying pig anything of the sort. How dare that pig try to drag poor Tim into his problems?

That wolf went right back to Scooter the pig and he told that bad little porker that he knew he was lying. He grabbed Scooter up and he threw him in a pen all by himself to think about what he had done. Maybe a "time out" would make that bad pig tell the truth.

In the meantime, he went to the big red house to talk to Karl. The pig came out on his porch to talk to the wolf several times. He lied and he lied. The wolf did not believe Karl. He knew Karl was a very sneaky pig and that he could not be trusted. He also inspected the house in which Karl lived. He saw the house was flimsy, as are all houses constructed of lies. So when he was tired of listening to Karl's piggy lies he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house in!

Then he went to see the second pig. He was a very old and grumpy pig. A pig with a bad heart and a temper to match! His name was Richard but, everyone just called him Dick. Scooter worked for Dick. Well, until the wolf threw him in the solitary little pen anyway.

The wolf figured it was probably Dick who had told that lying Scooter all along. Dick grumbled at the wolf when asked what he knew. He would not come out on the porch of his big White House. He just talked to the wolf through the window. He said, "Joe? I have never heard of a Joe. How would I know who a person I have never heard of was married too? Tell me that!"

All of the commotion was really starting to make the townsfolk talk.

By now the wolf was onto the game that the pigs were playing. He reached over with his long, sharp claws and pulled away some of the hastily applied paint exposing the core of deception underneath. That was all the proof that the wolf was looking for. So, he huffed and he puffed and he blew that great big deception house right down.

Having knocked down the houses of lies and deception, he could now see an even larger and grander house. It was painted blue and it shone in the sun. He knew right away that this must be the house of "Crazy" George. Now, people in town called George "crazy". But, never to his face. They made fun of the silly things that George would do. And generally wished he just didnít have so much power over their lives. No one wants a madman running the show.

Frequently other bad men would use George to get things that they wanted for themselves, whole countries if they wanted them. Sometimes he gave things as favors. Sometimes they just tricked him into it. You see George was also not a very bright pig.

He was a crazy pig. But, he had clout. Yes sir! George was a very powerful pig. He was the most powerful pig in the entire country. But, the wolf was not afraid of ANY pig.

The wolf knew that while George was almost certainly involved in telling people Joe's secret; he was not bright enough to have thought of the plan alone. When the wolf called to George, he would not come out. He was afraid. He knew that the wolf had knocked down the house made of lies and the house made of deception. All that stood between his great big conspiracy house and it's destruction was the bright coat of paint that hid its inner rot behind a shiny veneer of strength.

The wolf did not waste a lot of time calling to George. He knew that crazy pig would never come out and face up to his part in the plan. He just scraped away the paint right there next to the front door and exposed the ugly conspiracy that it was made of. By now the townsfolk had gathered outside the house to watch what happened to the powerful old pig.

They let out a gasp when they saw what was under the shiny blue paint. It was horrible to gaze upon. It was the most disturbing thing that they had ever seen. They cried out to the wolf, "PLEASE! Please won't you knock down this horrible house of conspiracy? Please Mr. Wolf?"

The wolf replied, "No need to be so formal. Just call me Patrick!"

Then he huffed and he puffed....


Oh So Many Republican Legal Woes...

Do you want it?


Enjoy Prison Tom!

Does He Have Anything Up His Sleeve?



America, In Case You Haven't Noticed, Stealing Iraq's Oil Isn't Working!

Hey America,

Just thought you might be noticing what happened here. That pain you are feeling? You got taken. That's right. Played.

You knew all along that this was an oil war. Deep down you sure as hell did. Don't lie. You know you did.

But, you thought it would benefit you in the long run. That's how (neo)conmen operate. You see. They make you think there is something good in it for you. They appeal to your greed.

So, you didn't reject the lies that Bushco pumped out to justify the grand theft. You really thought that they would some how pass along all those oil profits to you in the form of lower fuel prices.

Well, you got screwed! You get nothing! Keep paying suckers! More that ever!

The oil companies are reaping all of the profits. They are getting rich! Look at their stock prices you asses. How about you? You will be wearing a few extra layers this winter. That is where you are! You got taken.

You really are some gullible pigeons! If you see a guy on the street asking you to find the Queen in three little cards, do yourself a favor and just keep on walking.

Why do you never remember the wisdom of the past? Here's one to keep in mind for the future:

"A fool and his money are soon separated."

Don't forget to keep that the next time you top off your tank, fools!

I Have To Applaud The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy! Fine Work!

Looking at the freep sites I find myself laughing at the panic and denial.

I have seen post after post talking about how we evil liberals "Just had to keep coming after us." They are enraged at the Frist stock investigation. They are freaking out over Delay's indictment. Rove and Libby have them spinning. They are railing against the constant attacks on Bush that have come from the left. They are really pissed off about the abuse photos. Hostile over it.

I saw one laugher that basically said:

"You libs have attacked us and attacked us. We have never unloaded on your side. You play dirty politics. How dare you come after Frist, Delay and Bush? Well we have had it! We have dirt on your leadership and we are going to start using it. You are going to go down!"

These freaky freeps actually think that we are unfairly persecuting their politicians. That may be the single funniest thing that I have ever heard. The second funniest would be the overall state of denial about the core corruption that pervades their party.

Some seem to get that Delay is as Jon stewart said, "A dirty, dirty man" and want to cut him loose. Saying stuff like, "He has run his course", "Maybe he is guilty", etc. Others still think there is absolutely nothing to any charge that has ever been made against any member of their party. It is amazing at this late stage.

I guess there were loyal folks around Nixon until the end.

So in closing, allow me to thank all of those Dems and liberals that took part in the vast left wing conspiracy to make Bushco. look greedy, crony driven and incompetent! You are doing a freaking fantastic job!

Every one of you that helped trumped up a fictitious and illegal war predicated on lies, ran it like the biggest war profiteering venture in American history, doled out no bid contracts to all of their friends to make them look corrupt, placed incompetent cronies of theirs into positions of power all over Washington, outed a CIA agent and blamed it on the WH, Set Delay up to take the fall, made Frist dump a boatload of stock at a very odd time, faked photos and video of prisoners being tortured in our detention facility and connected it to the highest levels of the command, kept Bush from reacting to the biggest natural disaster in our nation's history, and generally made these fine decent Republicans out to be bad guys. You are ALL my heroes!

And all that from the shadows of course! Really, really amazing work! We could not have done it without you!

My best wishes on Project "X"! God speed mighty conspirators! God speed!

I Hope That Every Time America Sees These Crooks From Here On Out they See This Face!




Man AM I Ever Glad I Was Wrong About Bush Being Incompetent!

I was so elated to see how rapidly Bush responded to the Katrina threat. As soon as he saw reports Sunday morning that the storm had developed into a category 5 he swung into action. These guys really are the heroes! I thought this was going to be a major disaster.

If Bush had not ordered all of those helicopters, transport planes, and busses to be sent in first thing on monday morning before the storm hit, we could have lost tens of thousands of lives.

The extremely efficient people at FEMA and their experienced and qualified Director, Michael Brown certainly saved tens of thousands more with their immediate drops of food and water to the people remaining in the city. That followed by their rapid, orderly and above all safe evacuation of them immediately there after certainly prevented a disaster like none we have ever seen in this country.

The rapid evacuation of the city by Bush and FEMA most certainly kept the crowds at the emergency shelters from becoming large. And the heavy presence of relief workers and military personnel on hand kept those shelters well secured and safe for the small handful of evacuees that arrived at them. Think if they had not bee there. There may have been murders and rapes. Glad we didn't see that horror.

I have never seen such a serious test of our nation met by such forceful and well directed leadership! Flying colors I tell you!What a country and what an administration! What would be have done had there been a total vacuum of leadership from the top.

Just imagine how tragic this could have been had Bush and his administration not acted immediately to save the city. It could have been tragic. Instead we should all pat them on the backs and let them know how much we appreciate their decisive leadership in this dark hour!

I sure am glad that I was wrong about these folks being self centered, egotistical pigs that care for none but their rich donors. Thank god for you George Bush!

I will never say a bad thing about you or your leadership again!


Jesus! ! Sorry, I was apparently dreaming there for a minute!

What an unconscionable cluster fuck. Everyone in the administration should be locked into the Superdome with the packs of dogs and rotting corpses while, we tell them over and over that help is coming.

Let these evil bastards kill each other over two MRE's and the pooled rainwater that is still available.



Some Screen Shots From CNN.  Check Out The Quotes.




As I sit in utter disbelief watching thousands die, I see on the other side of the news coverage coin politicians from both parties telling me and the rest of America that resources are being mobilized. I have heard spokesmen for Bush and Clinton himself claim that we could never have predicted this. That we had no idea how bad it was going to be until Tuesday.

That lie is the MOST OFFENSIVE thing I have EVER heard from the Federal government. I know it is a lie because, I knew it was going to be every bit this bad as soon as it blew up to a Cat 5 tracking toward the area. That my fellow DUers and Americans was SUNDAY! At that moment every resource that could possibly be needed in a "worst Case Scenario" including, food, water, rescue vehicles, medicines, and personnel should have IMMEDIATELY been called upon.

More Importantly, we needed the LOCAL LA NATIONAL GUARD. The whole concept of the guard is that they can be mobilized by the governor of each state in times of disaster or civil disturbance. They are the "quick reaction force" that is located locally and they are intended to the the "first responders" to an event like this. FIFTY PERCENT of the troops that the Governor of LA would normally have had to hold off as much death, destruction and disorder while the feds "mobilized" are in Iraq. They have with them the equipment that would also have been needed in such a crisis. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE WAITING ON THE FEDERAL RESOURCES TO "MOBILIZE". The LA National Guard should have been holding down the fort and saving lives!

Now on the fifth day of Americans dying all over the gulf coast, the politicians in our federal government are showing up. They set right to work! DOING DAMAGE CONTROL FOR THEIR IMAGES!

I watched last night As Anderson Cooper tried to slap some sense into Sen. Landrieu. She just kept saying two things, both the officially ordered damage control. First, she says, now is not the time to ask why the aid has not arrived. They are mobilizing. There will be plenty of time for such questions later. He flipped out on that and informed her that the people asking right know were dying and their corpses littering the streets to be eaten be rats.

She went on like she had not gotten it AT ALL. Started thanking her buddies in the senate and Bush for their great efforts to START SAVING PEOPLE 4 DAYS INTO THE DISASTER. Cooper cut her off desperate to have her get it and told he that he was not interested in the slapping her congressional buddies on the back. That PEOPLE WERE DYING BY THE THOUSANDS. That it was no time to be congratulating yourselves. SHE NEVER GOT IT. Just stuck to her repugnant talking points like a pre-programmed robot.

Bush JUST SAID regarding the Federal response and mobilization that the results "ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE"!!!



I am furious! Three days just to break off the fundraisers and get back to Washington. Then to arrive waving with his dog under his arm no less! With all those survivors who have lost their pets? And the many many more still struggling for their lives?


Was his media team wiped out too? Or has he actually started taking control HIMSELF? That would explain a lot about the completely surreal paralysis we are seeing from the administration.

August 26th 2005

Anyone that does not believe that we have reason to hope need look no further than this graph.

The trend is quite clear, this presidency is doomed to failure and rejection. So, let's have no more of this "Karl will figure a way out" and "these guys are just too powerful" crap!

America has had enough and soon only the most kool-aid drunken will remain to support the chimp and his trainers.

Send this to all of your most hardened Bushbot contacts and let them explain the trend!

August 26th 2005

Here are some shots from last night's support vigil in Saratoga Springs NY:


August 18th 2005

The Hate-filled, Dishonest And Homophobic Attacks On Me Continue At Conservative Underground.

Remember that this is the kind of hate and venom they spew at an advocate for peace and non-violent action.  So many angry and bitter folks over there choking on their own bile.  If you can stomach it, feel free to read more here:

The desperation is starting to make these war supporters show their true colors.  Myself, I am heading down to Crawford to show my support for Cindy Sheehan and demand some answers myself! 

These folks can sit at their keyboards and prove to America just what kind of hate and fear-mongering the people supporting this war are capable of.

August 17th 2005

It Looks Like They Are Getting Nervous.

Now They Are Smearing Me.  Guess I Should Run For President! Swiftboats Against Distressed (S.A.D.)

A post has appeared here repeating a smear made against me on a Conservative blog site:

Note: They Have Also Changed My Username To DICKHEAD

Apparently as another sign of where these people are coming from...


It originally appeared in response to this graphic which had been reposted there:


The posted text comes right off that site.

Here is the link to what was reposted here:

And the text:

"You make some excellent points, but ...

are you going to mention to Cindy that you think her son Casey and the other soldiers that have died in Iraq are baby-killers?

DistressedAmerican (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-25-05 04:14 PM

Original message

Just How Much "Not Blaming The Troops" Is TOO MUCH Not Blaming Them?

Edited on Mon Jul-25-05 04:20 PM by DistressedAmerican

But, I am really starting to wonder what the hell is up with troops themselves. Why are they so regularly killing innocents and babies . Why do they not refuse immoral and illegal orders?

I know after Vietnam everyone is leary of blaming the troops. But, lets face it folks. Someone is pulling the damn trigger. Someone is torturing our detainees.

I am beginning to think that we Liberal Democrats may be cutting these babykillers TOO MUCH SLACK.

Do not get me wrong, I do not advocate spitting on returning troops and calling them baby killers ,Ok, well maybe in the absence of Cameras ,but we liberal Democrats need to call a spade a spade

But, who among us can sit here knowing about the torture of detainees and widespread death and destruction that has befallen many innocent Iraqis and not want to see some court martials and jail time for those that are out of line?"


Here is the link and the original post. The text has been altered by freeps and circulated to discredit me.

It is a lie and I'd like to make sure that is understood.

This is EXACTLY the kind of smear tactic that they use on us from the left. ALL THE TIME!



"DistressedAmerican (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-25-05 04:14 PM

Original message

Just How Much "Not Blaming The Troops" Is TOO MUCH Not Blaming Them?

Edited on Mon Jul-25-05 04:20 PM by DistressedAmerican

I fully believe that our troops are in a terrible situation. I also believe that many get immoral orders from their commanders.

But, I am really starting to wonder what the hell is up with troops themselves. Why are they so regularly killing innocents. Why do they not refuse immoral and illegal orders?

I know after Vietnam everyone is leary of blaming the troops. But, lets face it folks. Someone is pulling the damn trigger. Someone is torturing our detainees.

Does anyone know (besides the Abu Ghraib 8) what individuals have been held accountable for illegal actions in this war?

I am beginning to think that we may be cutting some of these folks TOO MUCH SLACK.

Do not get me wrong, I do not advocate spitting on returning troops and calling them baby killers in the absence of info on each soldier's actions.

But, who among us can sit here knowing about the torture of detainees and widespread death and destruction that has befallen many innocent Iraqis and not want to see some court martials and jail time for those that are out of line?

OK Flame Away..."

As you can see I have never advocated spitting on anyone or calling them baby killers in the absense of any proof of such an act. This is merely a smear meant to discredit me and those of us from


 that are joining Cindy Sheehan in support this coming weekend. It is more of the same sad lies we know makes up the body of Republican political tactics.

The organization and I look forward to meeting with Cindy with a message of support.

We also come bearing a demand for George Bush that he stop ordering our soldiers to engage in the types of detention practices that resulted the abuses we have seen in Iraq and elsewhere.


Hey CU:  Never Let Them See You Sweat!  You Look A Little Desperate Here...



August 11th 2005

Crawford:  The Beginning Of The End Of The War!

Those of you that have not been hiding out on the moon are well aware by now of the amazing grassroots anti-war action that is taking place in Crawford, Texas at this moment.

It all started last Saturday when Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed in Iraq on April 4th, 2004.  Mrs. Sheehan's grief moved her to travel to Bush's pig farm down in Crawford to ask him a couple of simple questions about our mission in Iraq and especially what the "noble goals" we are fighting for in Iraq.

To date the spineless coward remains holed up on his ranch has refused to even give Mrs. Sheehan an hour's meeting.  This is just one more example of his arrogance and bravado winning out over basic common sense.  Had he met with her right away, the entire situation would have been diffused and the protest would already be over.  Instead his pig headed refusal to meet with this grieving mother has galvanized the anti-war movement.  A flood of activists have set out for Crawford to join in support Mrs. Sheehan.  I will be heading down there to join them myself next week.

Prior to this event, the anti-war movement was composed of a number of great organization all doing the "hard work" required to end the war.  But, quite frankly, they were still viewed by most of the country as filthy, tree-hugging leftist fruitcakes.  Mrs. Sheehan on the other hand is a completely average American.  He story is heartbreaking and America has connected with her in a way that we have not witnessed since this war began, and possible not since the 1960's.  Many have drawn the obvious parallels between Mrs. Sheehan and another brave woman, Rosa parks, who stood up alone to face down southern segregation.  The comparisons are amazingly accurate.

Please consider doing your part to help support this amazing woman and the brave stance she has taken.  They are requesting people show up to support her protest.  They also need material support in the form of donations, food, water etc.  It is hot under that August Texas sun!

Please follow this link to see what you can do to stand up for REAL freedom and justice at this critical time:

August 8th 2005

Whipped this up this morning in honor of the fact that if Bush and his buddies seem to think that if they just apply the right phrase to any political problem, it will be cured.

The spin these guys generate is mighty impressive. All lies. But, it still gets reported and consumed by the sheep as fact.

I have a few favorite phrases from the Bush years. Not favorite because I believe them. Just because the rest of this nation full of asshats DID!

Pick your favorite lie!



Mission Accomplished!  (2 votes, 6%) Vote 
Dead Enders!  (0 votes, 0%) Vote 
We're Tightening The Noose!  (1 votes, 3%) Vote 
We're In The Last Throes Of The Insurgency!  (2 votes, 6%) Vote 
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Culture Of Life!  (1 votes, 3%) Vote 
Liberal Media Bias/The Media Filter!  (0 votes, 0%) Vote 
We're Turning The Corner!  (0 votes, 0%) Vote 
I Swear To Uphold The Constitution Of The United States Of America!  (22 votes, 61%) Vote 
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August 7th 2005

What We Could Learn From A Literary Ghost

I have loved this print by Jose Posada for many, many years. Why it never occurred to me to use it in a graphic before today I can not say.

It once served as the masthead image for the independent paper I started to refute the lies of the heavily censored official school paper that I was editing and left. I think I have always hated "THE MAN".

If you are unfamiliar it is called The Skeleton Of Quixote and depicts the extremely idealistic Don Quixote De La Mancha riding furiously into battle against an army of skeletal enemies.

The point being that he NEVER stopped fighting for what he believed in even in death. While, our hero is made out to be a bit mad (much like myself) he continues his quest for justice in the face of insurmountable odds. He is dashed to the ground again and again tilting at the giants. He wins a battle for himself. The battle to stay forever true to the values he cherishes.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have much to learn from this eccentric old man from Miguel de Cervantes's great book.

August 6th 2005

"Doctor" Frist, The Religious Right And The Treatment For What Ails America

The ever growing influence of the religious right in this country over the past several decades has been staggering. When I think back on how we got here, I have to admit, they kind of snuck up on me. I always considered that element to be a radical fringe of sorts, consigned to as much obscurity as me and my extreme left views.


Their infiltration of all three branches of the federal government has been almost glacial. It moved so slowly that many Americans did not fully recognize the long term threat it posed to "our way of life".

Even after the 2000 election I really did not get it. I knew that fundies made up a good sized chunk of the Bush base. But, (According to Rove estimates) 4 million of them did not come out. Many say that last minute news of Bush's drunk driving record suppressed turnout. Who knows?

As much As I hate Karl Rove, he definitely understood something I did not fully realize, that in an evenly divided America a subculture of 4 million voters can mean the difference between political life and death.

It became more clear as we headed into 2004 that despite their relatively marginal numbers, these folks were a force to be reckoned with. Incidents like the Judge Roy Moore Ten Commandments standoff and the growing talk of hate filled wedge issues like banning gay marriage made me see what we were facing. I hoped we would beat them down with our sheer numbers. Did not happen. Whatever your take on election fraud, the fundies did turn out in impressive numbers.

So after all these decades of glacial progress and infiltration, the fundies now hold disproportional power in America. They had set the stage for years of lasting changes in American law and lifestyle. In 2004 the MASSIVE iceberg broke off of that fundie glacier, possible due to global warming. Hard to say.

If I may belabor the metaphor one step further, the resulting changes have done to our political landscape what the melting of the icecaps is expected to do to our physical geography.

With Bush beholden, Frist, Delay, Santorum and others milking, Scalia (and soon Roberts) fondling, and the Democrats cowering, we have a shift in the balance of power that none of our much lauded "Founding Fathers" would have liked. This massive imbalance has allowed a numerically small population to make substantial political change in a very short period of time.

We now face a situation where there are a variety of social ills that we all recognize. Those are shall we say the symptoms. The right and the left value these ills differently. For example there is the abortion debate. I do not love abortion. Despite the claims of the right, none of us like it. It is a well known social ill.

Our treatments for these social ills differ radically. I prefer a scientific approach. They want to build morals and "practice abstinence". The right want to ban abortion. Make it a crime. I would prescribe that more emphasis be placed on the availability of birth control and well informed sex education to prevent as many unwanted pregnancies as possible. Instead of the "just say no" approach that the right also applied without any success to the drug problem (another social ill for another day's discussion).

I happen to believe that many of these ills are more of a nuisance than a fatal disease, a headache if you will. Unfortunately, with the likes of,the repug "Scientist" and "Doctor" Bill Frist trying to find A BRAND NEW legislative balance between as Bush calls it "Science and Ethics", I fear they are prescribing unnecessarily radical treatments for what ails America. Amputations, bleeding and other methods of excersizing demons and balancing the humors.

The speed with which they are implementing these changes requires us to CONSTANTLY push forward at restoring the balance of power in Washington. We can not let folks that believe that parents that let their child die waiting for divine intervention are not criminals have this much undeserved and disproportionate legislative power.

Hats off to them for making politics work for them. They played the game well. But it it time that we redouble our efforts and shove these folks back into the relative obscurity that their numbers suggest they deserve.

August 4th 2005

Are You A Twenty First Century Paul Revere?

This newbie animation was inspired by my buddy Swamprat who mentioned on a democratic underground blog thread that Bushco. had turned him into a modern day Paul Revere. In reflection, I realized that I feel much the same way.

We ride through the digital and literal streets shouting a loud warning of invasion and dire threat. Many are asleep during this midnight in America. It is up to us to shout out and wake them the hell up from their slumber.


Well, I guess they are already here. But, Still SHOUT!!!

August 3rd 2005

President Asaulted By Chimpanzee Protesters

Aug. 3rd 2005

Washington -

Frustrated by years of being compared to president Bush, thousands of Chimpanzees, calling themselves "Chimps For Change", have besieged the White House. The assembly started peacefully with protest organizers submitting a written request that the president stop imitating their facial expressions immediately and that he issue a statement that he is in fact human.

When The President refused to negotiate an end to tarnishing their otherwise friendly and amusing reputation with his endless impressions, the angry crowd of chimps scaled the fence south of the building and overran security that tried in vain to protect the president.

Once the angry mob had captured the President Bush in a large net, they dragged him out onto the front lawn. Despite the cries of horrified Republican onlookers, the enraged chimps proceeded to bite, scratch and kick their hapless captive, leaving him crying in the grass.

Following the incident, the crowd dispersed as riot police arrived to restore order. A handful of "ring leaders" were detained for questioning. But, the majority of the assailants escaped into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Press Secretary Scott McClellan insisted that the president was injured no worse that when he choked on a pretzels or the numerous times he has fallen from his bike. McClellan said, "He takes blows to the head regularly. It is not a source of concern at this time."

Unnamed sources within the Secret Service suggest that this incident "may not be a one of a kind type of event". The source confirmed that statements by those detained indicated that this type of activity would likely continue as long as Bush continued to destroy their good reputations.

August 3rd 2005



I find my self looking for positive thoughts to hang some hope on in these ugly days. Karma is one of those notions that I come back to over and over.

I do not really believe in karma in the traditional Buddhist sense. But, I do believe that people that put positivity out into the world usually get it reflected back. The same holds true for those spreading negativity.

I'll admit that Bush has tested my belief in this regard. But, I still maintain that Karma will catch up to him.



August 2nd 2005


This wonder of science makes a great national foreign policy.  This fantastic gizmo starts lapping up that crude oil and it just keeps on going.  You wonder when the barrel will run dry?  Never, as long as this stylish bald eagle has that sharp beak!  What country does not want to "willingly" give up its oil reserves to such a well armed and furious beast?  This little guy makes the energizer bunny look like the sad little toy he is. 

The cost?  Well, lets put it this way, how much would you pay to keep America running smoothly in its inefficient vehicles? How much is it worth to you to have a nice steady supply of fuel to keep your family warm in the winter?  Cost you see is not the issue.

Well, if you insist on knowing a cost...

Lets say $200,000,000,000.00 (for starts).  Of course it is a subscription service.  That number is just installation and start-up.  What will it cost you going forward?  Look, once you "dip your beak" so to speak, the oil euphoria will be well worth the cost.  Look.  We'll make you a deal.  How about we make Asia pay really high costs and cut you big beakers some slack?

Who do you have to kill to get such a sweet deal?  Who has to die?  You sure do have a lot of questions.

Well, no projection is really certain.  Lets say about 700 Americans a year.  Yes, yes. That IS just the reported and directly linked deaths.  There will be some other "collateral damage". Don't worry about that though.  A lot of those you will NEVER HEAR ABOUT!  Out of site, out if mind is our motto.

Who do we have to kill?  OK, again let me caution you, there is no good way of telling.  Going ahead I will not even hazard a guess.  So far our clients have not complained about the 100,000 or more Iraqis that were in the way.  Again, we have a sweetheart deal with the networks NOT TO REPORT on that unfortunate shall we call it side effect of this plan.  But, you the consumer will not have time to worry about that.  Once you are rolling in your new SUV and blowing off the news to watch "Reality Television" you will not care anyway.  That's if you even think about it.


Just sign here___________________

and initial






It has been great doing business with you.  You have a great day!

Off to lunch then back to Halliburton for me! 

August 2nd 2005

I am sick to death of right-wingers trying to pass off homophobia as "Family Values".  It is both ignorant and bigoted. I saw Santorum recently on the Daily Show defending this blatantly homophobic piece of garbage.  His basic argument was that "one man/one woman" was the most stable family structure for raising children and that government's endorsement of that form (and only that form) of union is its obligation in supporting the continuation of society. 

The corollary of this is the notion that the government should not sanction in (any legal way) any family structure that does not conform to his ideal "one man/one woman" model.  It should not give any other family form support in the form of tax credits, spousal benefits, etc. 

As an anthropologist, I can tell you that this is an extremely ethnocentric view of the situation.  Clearly it is his opinion. However, many societies where polygamy, polyandry and other family forms are common prove that there is no single "Best" family structure in which to raise a child. Children are extremely adaptable little buggers.  What they DO need is love and some basic stability in terms of who is there taking care of them from day to day, as familiarity breeds trust and bonding. 

Santorum and all those that support his homophobic agenda need to look around the world a bit.  Get outside of the Washington bubble and find out about raising children.  How about a federally funded, cross-cultural study of childrearing practices so that we can all be better informed of the possibilities that exist for raising happy, healthy, and functional children?  How about we apply some of that dreaded "SCIENCE" to the problem?  The government has no business telling any of us how we should structure our families in order to raise children.   They should most certainly  not do so in the complete lack of data on the issue.

Hey Rick, if you insist on being involved in supporting children (social engineering), a nice fat child tax credit would be nice.   Get busy on that.  While you are at is would you please do something about these damn non-breeders?  Maybe a no marriage without formal plans to have a child contract (with a clause that they maintain a nursery in the house as a sign of good faith). 

After all, why should we support all of those freeloading straight people out there living without procreating?  I thought it was the government's job to support breeders.  You have made it quite clear that all of that individual love and companionship is nice and maybe even needed. But, it has nothing to do with furthering the society.

"Family Values" is nothing more than a code word for "White, Christian Values".  Remember that every time you hear the phrase.

July 29th 2005


It is all about the oil. Both sides are raking in the bucks. Hard earned American bucks that are converted by our cars into harmful pollutants.

The Saudi Royal Family uses a lot of its bucks to pay off its enemies like Osama Bin Laden not to attack them. But, to attack proxies like the United States instead.

The Oil tycoons line their pockets with the ever increasing profits to be had. And their politician buddies convert tax dollars into arms to steal more.


It funds them all. The best way to win the War on Terror is to cut our demand for oil to a point that there is no profit to be had invading the region that sits on most of it. As soon as we do, we will not have an interest in supporting the government oppression of the region's people. That oppression is why they hate us!


July 27th 2005

pu∑ri∑tan∑i∑cal (pyr-tn-kl)

1. Rigorous in religious observance; marked by stern morality.
2. Puritanical Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Puritans.


hys∑ter∑i∑a (h-str-, -stÓr-)

1. Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic.
2. A mental disorder characterized by emotional excitability and sometimes by amnesia or a physical deficit, such as paralysis, or a sensory deficit, without an organic cause.

July 24th 2005

Dear George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Both Houses Of The United States Congress, Neocons and Bush Supporters in general,

You ALL make me SICK. Your greed, arrogance, ethnocentrism, and petty politics have created the worst foreign policy disaster that America has seen in many decades.

YOUR completely mis-directed over-reaction to the attacks of September 11, 2001, has those that perpetrated the attacks laughing with glee as we viciously attack a country that the entire world knows had nothing to do with anything but having oil and old grudges with Poppy.

By invading Iraq you have accomplished several historically catastrophic results. First, you have killed tens or hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Muslims in a country the Osama Bin Laden openly professed hatred for. YOU HAVE DONE HIS WORK FOR HIM YOU Jackasses!

Second, you have increased our military presence in the middle of the very region that is attacking us for being there in the first place. This has without a doubt led to a GLOBAL FLOOD OF NEW RECRUITS for Al Qaeda! AGAIN YOU HAVE DONE HIS WORK FOR HIM!

Third, You have given us our own Israeli/Palestinian conflict WRIT LARGE! It will be a source of anti-American hatred for decades to come. Are you getting the picture you you goddammed "MORANS"? You let the terrorists win! YOU!


And most of all you disgusting pigs, he did it all with your help you ignorant, treasonous bastards!

Now here we are years into this disaster and facing MANY MORE. Nearly 1,800 of our soldiers are dead and many more are disabled. I ask you, FOR WHAT? Iraqi graveyards fill with their dead and their homes and streets with their wounded and FOR WHAT? What POSITIVE result has materialized in this nightmare? Name one! And it better be a damn good one!

Distressed American

p.s. Don't bother sending your lying, sniveling, excuses to me. Because, I am not interested.

Send them to the family of the soldier whose blood bathed these bullets!

July 24th 2005

11:50 AM July 25, 2005

Washington - Doctors revealed today that a series of brain scans taken between November 2000 and today reveal a disturbing pattern of atrophy to Bush's "Morality Center", the region of the brain that allows us to distinguish right from wrong.

"At this time, it appears that the damage is significant and irreversible." said, Dr Cyrus Tinkerbrain, chief of neurology at Bethesda Naval Hospital. "We speculate that the original damage was caused by years of excessive drinking and cocaine addiction. However, the rate of decay seems to have sped up considerably after his 2000 appointment to the office by the Supreme Court."

The condition, which is not terminal (to him anyway) is thought to have seriously impaired his thinking and judgment.

Evidence for this comes from a number of sources including the many military detention centers around the world where detainees are tortured on direct and indirect orders from the White House.

Tragically, Constitutional scholar Thurgood Libel suggests that "lack of morality", in and of itself, is not a constitutionally mandated reason for removal from office. However, he notes that the logical outcome of such impairment will "likely lead to numerous impeachable offenses".

July 24th 2005

This is an animated version of one of the earliest anti-Bush photoshops I ever did. I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately. It seemed particularly relevant in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed and innocent Brazilian by London police.

This was supposed to be a humorous expression of the exaggerated response our country has experienced to the events of 9/11. We see threats where they do not exist (like harmless protesters for example) while remaining blind to the real ones that face us.

Sadly, it is a bit all too real these days.

The police in London are shooting innocent people, and England wants even tougher "Anti-Terror Laws". We have just renewed the Patriot Act. Our liberty is being more and more restricted each and every day. All in the name of OUR security.

There is no one more secure than a prisoner. We are all living in Justice Department protective custody. God forbid you should try to get within shouting distance of the President at an official event!

Meanwhile, Osama Laughs somewhere in the world.

What we need are rational thought and logical planning not more misdirected overreaction. Our soldiers dying in Iraq have learned that lesson the hard way.

The protester (my wife thinks a guy in drag. I'm not sure) in this came from an anti war demonstration in England. She was just too damn cute not to make it into one of my graphics.

Any Thoughts? Comments Welcome! ge=1&pp=25