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My Sincere Thank You To My New Hero Karl Rove


The Projected Cost Of "Staying The Course"

A quick analysis of what "4 More Years" May Cost In American Lives. Based on average losses to date.  A sobering look at where the "Course" is leading us right now.


A Step By Step Guide To Making Great Protest Signs

 Everything you need to know to make great signs (and cheap) for protests, rallies, or display!

Ace Of Spades Captured

The inside story of Rove's capture after months in hiding...

Sekhmet Visits The White House

By Underground Panther in the Sky

What ancient Egyptian myth can tell us about our modern world...

Check Out These Great Shots Of The May Day Peace Rally In NYC

Taken By Jarnocan

Come Look Inside - Images of Iraq, Words of Martin Luther King

By Chlamor

A shot of one of the new billboards that one conservative group is putting up in Cali.  People say there is no room in the urban environment for graffiti artists and vandals but this is a good argument to the contrary!

I voted against him first thing, then hit the streets in my gas mask to rally the troops...

Too bad!  4 More Years of this crap!

23% of you voted primarily on "Moral Values".  The rest of us think you are bat shit loco!

Karl Rove owns your mind.  Thanks for your time!